I have a problem exporting photoshop images to Effect House

Hello, I am making some makeup filters with my own textures created with Photoshop, when I export them I export them in a format of 2000*2000 pixels, which is the size of the EH model, when I apply it to a face mask, the texture appears in another part of the face, different from the one I had placed before exporting, can anyone help me, I appreciate it

Hi @Johan_CB! Are you creating full face effects or effects for a particular part of the face (Lip, Eyes)?

I’m doing both, but this example is for the whole face, the type of makeup is a highlighter

I’m doing both, but this example is for the whole face

Hi @Johan_CB! Which template are you using? If you’re using a newer version of Effect House, you’ll want to use face_mask_2.1: Face Mask | Learn | TikTok Effect House

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Yes I am using that template with the updated version, but it works for me with some things but not with others, and I use the same settings to export it

If you are always doing a full face effect, you will want to export the largest art board. If you are just using Eye Effect, you will only want to export the art board for the eyes.

For the highlighter part of the makeup I am using a face mask, and for the shadows I use the eye effect, and in the same way they don’t work, the objects on the layer smudge

@Johan_CB Are you please able to provide screenshots?

Uploading: image.png…

I get this error “An error occurred: Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.”

@Johan_CB How about now?

I was testing and the eye effect now works, without moving anything I just tried about 5 or 6 times, but the illuminator still fails

Can you show me what it looks like in Photoshop?

The illuminator is painted white, for overtone issues in Effec House

Can you please share the PNG file here? :pray:

Sure, but I don’t know if I changed the format when uploading it