Makeup textures issue

I am starting with the effects so I tried the makeup, I downloaded the template and designed a makeup based on this. Exported layers by section, but the image is bigger in effect software when using the .png as a texture. Eyelashes and mouth are the most affected. I have used two different software to generate the makeup. The effect house version is

, Photoshop and SketchBook, same results.


me too :(((( pls help us :frowning:

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Are you using the 3D Face & 3D Face template or the Face Mask and Face Mask template to create the makeup? The templates for 3D Face and Face Mask have slightly different sizes, so this could possibly be your issue. Also, what version of the templates were you using? Both the face mask and 3D face templates had became slightly larger after recent updates, so if you’re using a newer version of the templates and an older version of Effect House, they may not work the exact same.

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