Help please! Texture issue with new effect

Hi all! Got a tiny texture issue that’s stopping publication on a load of new effect templates and I’m hoping somebody might be able to tell what the problem is. We’ve got a team of beginners working on these so if you do have an idea, feel free to explain like we’re five…

We have a template put together for a bracket filter. The options people are choosing between are circular pngs with transparent backgrounds. You can see what it’s meant to look like on the first screenshot linked below, which is the same template put together on the Meta Spark Studio.

It works fine on the Meta version, so I don’t think there’s any issue with the pngs. But on the TikTok Effect House, as you go through the filter, it adds this ugly coloured background box around the circular assets as the bracket gets filled in, as you can see on the second screenshot. Does anybody have an idea as to why this might be happening?

Thanks in advance!


A PNG should import with a transparent background. What version of Effect House are you using (Effect House > About Effect House)?

Hi! Thanks for reaching out. I had been using a fully up-to-date version, but whatever the issue was, the latest Effect House update seems to have fixed it.

Just downloaded Effect House to check this and compare to SparkAR with few projects. I have the same issue with Alpha mask, they just don’t render out as alpha.

Best Regars,