Lipstick not lining up with model

I am having an issue with the lipstick I created in Procreate not lining up with the models lips on effect house. Everything I have tried is not working.

Hi @Maddie! What image are you using as your template to draw on in Procreate?

@Mingus I am using the model from effect house. Pic of model below and the issue I’m having

@Maddie Try using this image if you are just making a Lip Effect:


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@Mingus So sorry i should have been more. I was doing a whole face makeup look. I will also try this tho and see if it works

This is not working. I have to use the model as a guide, and the image you sent me would i just color over it?

@Maddie For a full face mask, you can try painting over this image. Be sure to hide the layer with this face on it before exporting as a PNG.

Thank you! this worked!

Glad to hear it! In the future, if you want to make full face effects, that should work. If you want to make only lip or eye effects, you’ll need to use a different, closed dropped image.