Effect House 3.0

Effect House v3.0

Effect House v3.0 is also filled with other stylish new features like Text object and 2D Sticker in Asset Studio! Scroll through the release notes and see what you might add to your arsenal next.

3.0 will gradually be rolling out to all users.

New Features

  • Click Test performance in the titlebar to check if your effect’s frame rate is optimal for effect submission.

  • Add text directly to your effect with the Text object in Effect House. You can customize its appearance, such as size and color, with the Text component in the Inspector panel.

    • English is currently the only fully supported language

  • Use the Neck Tracker object to precisely track objects to your neck and fine-tune its properties using the corresponding component.

  • The new 2D Sticker feature in Asset Studio allows you to generate and import custom text-to-image 2D graphics.


  • The Add button [+] in the Hierarchy panel has been redesigned and renamed to + Add object.

  • The Cat Face Sticker object has been refactored to use the new Image component.

  • The Old generative effect has been renamed to Aged.

To see the full list of new features and updates check out the release notes.