Effect House 3.1.0

Effect House v3.1.0

And in the latest version of Effect House, Archi the Great said, β€˜let there be 20 new materials, from Floating Bubble to Zebra Skin, available for you to import from Asset Library!’ :raised_hands:

3.1.0 will gradually be rolling out to all users.

New Features

  • Easily add the most frequently used and most beginner-friendly objects from the Quick Access Bar. These objects may be categorized differently from the Objects menu to make them more accessible to new users. You may hide this bar by clicking the Quick Access Bar icon on the titlebar.

  • 20 new materials, from Floating Bubble to Zebra Skin, are available for you to import from Asset Library. You can also customize the imported materials in the Inspector panel!

  • Create and import assets for objects directly from the Inspector panel:

  • Create render textures in the Camera component.

  • Create or import materials, including materials from Asset Library, in the Mesh Renderer component.

  • Create or import textures in the Image component.


  • The 3D Face object contains a new mesh that more accurately conforms to the face and extends to more fully cover the forehead.

  • Face Fusion includes support for Retouch in the TikTok app.

  • When utilizing visual scripting to convert numeric values into string values, any trailing zeros will no longer be displayed.

  • The Asset Library interface has been updated to display asset thumbnails as squares.

To see the full list of new features and updates check out the release notes.

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