Effect House 3.3.0

Effect House 3.3.0

The newest version of Effect House puts the AR in art, with new features like Target Tracking and 2D Brush.

3.3.0 will gradually be rolling out to all users.

New Features

  • Target Tracker identifies your uploaded image, known as the target, and instantly situates a designated object wherever the target is detected in real-time, thereby allowing AR objects to respond to real-world images.

  • Added the 2D Brush node, allowing you to easily create a brush effect with visual scripting.

  • The Draw on Touch interaction lets you draw a 2D image by touching the screen.

  • The new Environment Light object is now included in your Effect House project by default to enhance the lighting in your effect.


  • The Effect Settings window has been redesigned for enhanced usability, and now includes a search feature.

  • Segmentation objects have been refactored to incorporate a new Segmentation Material.

  • Icons are now displayed for uploaded media in the Preview menu.

For all of the new features and updates in 3.3.0, check out the release notes.