Target Tracking

Dear Effect House team,

I am very impressed with its features and capabilities. However, I have noticed that there is currently no way to track the movement of specific objects in an image. I believe that this feature would be a valuable addition to your app and would greatly enhance the user experience.

Therefore, I would like to request that you consider adding a new feature called Target Tracking to Effect House. This feature would allow users to select an object or region of interest in image and track its movement over time.

Thanks for posting this suggestion! I would love to add this to Effect House :grin:

Help please! I have a target tracker, tracking an image. Need help on how to show objects or 3d image outside of the tracker. I wanted to show outside elements when target track is found. Reply is very much appreciated. Thanks

Hey there! I think this would be a great question for our Office Hours on YouTube, if you ask the question in the chat there, we can show a live demo of how to do it!

We do them every Tuesday at 10:30am PT, and every other Wednesday at 5:30pm PT. You can find more info on our Discord or our YouTube channel :slight_smile:

In the meantime, you could share this as a separate post so other creators can find it more easily!

Hi @ajiechx and @Dibi! As you’ve possibly seen, we’ve since added Target Tracker to Effect House. Feel free to check it out in the Object menu :archi_happy: