Strange bugg from Effect House in Tiktok

2 weeks ago i posted a video where i showed my effect called “Filter for Good” to support palestine and people in need by sharing or using this effect.

Somehow the video voice got removed, meanwhile it was my own voice + the selected tiktok song “for palestine”. That’s already a strange problem itself, but now comes the part that a bugg is happening in Effect House. My video got removed from the effect video selection “Filter for good”. How is this even possible when my video still exist + only my sound got removed not my filter.

So if any staff member can help me pls react back.

Hi @Joshua19. The sound removal would be a TikTok issue unrelated to Effect House. Do you still see the song you selected as an option in the TikTok sound library?

As for the video being unlinked, I will look into that now.

Hello Mingus, i have recently checked and the song is still available in the TikTok sound library. The song is called “dammi falastini by mohammed” from Nora. It surprised me that my effect video got removed from the recommendation list eventhrough it was available for every user to watch my video. So therefore i believe that it’s a bugg from tiktok and effect house.