Effect house removes filter effects for technical issues on tiktok

Tiktok more and more frequently removes filter effects for technical problems on tiktok without giving any explanation .

Screenshot 2023-11-17 092028

This, along with many others problems, is starting to bother me a bit. Compared to the beginning, the visibility of the filters has become noticeably poor, with the removal things get worse. I think that if it continues like this, I quit permanently, it’s not worth it anymore. Creating filters for tiktok is all smoke. It’s only good for those rare cases that load AR filters (less than 1%).

At the moment, I will no longer have any effect until the premium policy and the continuing problems cease. It seems like a constant exploitation of filter creators, so it’s not good. Even the smallest part that manages to monetize by reaching 200K posts perceives a pittance. If only AR and game creators who continue with them are good for tik tok. I’ll close here and at the moment I’ll spend my precious time with Snapchat’s Lens Studio.
–Th end–

I’m having the same problem.
This is a big problem.

I have this problem how to solve it.