Removing effects

Hello :smiling_face:I have a problem with deleting many tik tok effects. Two weeks later, effects began to be deleted due to technical reasons, and statistics on effects also began to glitch. Does anyone also have this problem? Tik Tok support does not respond and as soon as the effect starts to be removed people delete it for technical reasons

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Hello, Same problem (deleted 6 filters for technical problems on tiktok) which added to many other problems convinced me to abandon the creation of filters for tiktok and switch to SnapChat.

I will only come back if things work in general, the elimination of filters for technical problems is the lesser evil, this platform is no longer good, too many anomalies and little transparency.

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At the moment I have 7 effects deleted and 5 were previously deleted but they were restored and then they were deleted again and the days go by in the rewards center. It’s all strange :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes: :thinking: