Not recording voice on TikTok

I have uploaded 2 filters based on the randomized 3d template. When I use “Preview in TikTok” from Effect House my filters work perfect. They are active on TikTok now and rather than letting someone record their video and voice using the filter (which is basically a randomized 2D filter), they only record video only and automatically play a sound which I never included as part of my filter. Can someone suggest what is happening please.

Hello, when you create a filter and add a sound, this is not universal and inviolable. The user who uses the filter on tik tok can safely change the sound with any other in the library. It’s the same thing when you upload a video, everyone chooses the sound they prefer.

I appreciate this reply, but to clarify, I did not add any sound when I created my filters. The user should be able to run the filter and record themselves watching and talkng as the random object is chosen over the head. This is exactly how the filter works when I use the Effect House “preview in TikTok”. Now that the filters have been submitted and approved, when they run in TikTok they come up with a default sound and record video only, not the voice of the person talking as they record.

ok ok now I understand, yes this is a strange anomaly

After reaching out to some others to test my apps I find that it works perfect for them. It appears to be a problem with my TikTok app. No matter what effect I open it won’t record my voice and automatically inserts a sound from TikTok. Soooooo, not an Effect House problem.

No it’s just a tiktok problem, such as objects processed with crystal material. On Effect House they worked well, but on TikTok for a period they gave anomalous results totally different from the original.