Audio Effects for Uploaded or Recorded Video

Audio Effects for Uploaded or Recorded Video.

Today I spent much time trying to create an effect that reacts to the audio in an uploaded or recorded video. Why is this not a thing? Oh-- Because the camera audio does not get to the stream. But what if you try to read the Discord discussions I said; finally I found out that you can do it if you just start a video record execution. No it does not work.

I Just wanted to make a simple visual cue that followed the spectrum bands

I'm sorry that I have not understood how this is not already available. Would you please do this functionality for the users of tiktok to have more effect with sound and visual combined to make time seem magical as it passes on the tiktok app.

Hi @anon66362181! Have you checked out the Sound Library node?

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It doesn’t work. To be clear I am talking about the audio that is included with the video. I would call it the camera audio or microphone. I cannot find any way to get this to work where I am able to use that audio for anything. Is this not a feature? Can you only use audio from an uploaded or tiktok audio resource? It would be nice to be able to use that audio to make more interesting interactive features like detecting movement after a sound or with a sound.

Sorry for the delay! At the moment, the microphone is not accessible to effects. Please feel free to vote and/or comment on this request: Microphone Audio Resource Node

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