Audio chain effect and soundbank tiktok

Hi everyone !

I have a problem with my audio effects chain on my project. When I play my effect, the music works perfectly, restarts well when recording etc… But when tiktok detects the music in its sound bank, it adds the same music on top of my first one. Can you explain or show me your sound effect chain so that the effect opens directly to the music from the desired TikTok sound bank?

Thank you all for your help.

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Hi! To clarify, are you adding audio files to your effect in Effect House? Or are you hoping your effect reacts to audio added to the video in the TikTok app?


Yes I added the music to the project, then it is spotted by tiktok, then it adds the music spotted on top of the music of the project. So there are two pieces of music playing simultaneously. I am attaching an image of my effects chain. I must have made a mistake somewhere. Thank you very much for your time and help.


This looks as though the Sourire clip should play on top of whatever audio is select from the TikTok Sound library. Is that what is happening?


Yes that’s fine. At first, everything works fine, then, when TikTok identify the music, it adds the same music on top, at the top of screen, in the player bank. I simply wanted to link a specify music from the tiktok sound bank to my filter. This is why I integrated the track this way in the effect chain.

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Nobody can help me ?

Totally feel you on the duplicate music madness. It’s like TikTok’s got a mischievous gremlin in its sound bank, adding unwanted tracks like confetti.
But fear not, I’ve got some quick fixes to get your effect singing solo.
Ditch the Sound Library node If you don’t need it, disconnect it from your chain. Poof! Duplicate music vanishes. :sparkles:
Tweak your tune Play with tempo, pitch, or other audio tricks. TikTok’s ears might get confused and leave your original track alone.
Report the gremlin Head to the Effect House forum and share your story. The community can help squash this bug and save other creators from musical mayhem.

@shandas41 You are a poet :cowboy_hat_face: I’m still not fully understanding. If you have a screen recording of what you’re referencing, it could help. The Sound Library node requires a sound to be added at the top of the screen.