Question for office hour tomorrow: How to set the firework in one constant position with continuous burst?

Hand Firework
Finally managed to recreate the firework from scratch following the tutorial document (!). I am trying to make two variations with (1) do a hand firework that sparkle on one constant position and (2) set the fire work to shoot out in one contant position - imagine show index finger and firework shoot out from the tip of index finger in one straight line instead of random x-position like the template. I have been toying around with the nodes but can’t achieve the result I wanted. Hope to get some guidance tomorrow during the office hour or reply below if someone can provide a hint of where to fix. Thanks in advance.

The fireworks demo uses a Position Box block node in Init to set the initial position of the particles within a volume; it sounds like you would want to remove that node so that all particles spawn at the origin of the system. I would also change the Update context’s Simulation Space from Local to World space so that the sparkler particles don’t unnaturally follow your hand around after they’ve been spawned. If you keep the Init context in Local space, and add some initial velocity in one direction, then parent the VFX Graph object to a Hand Tracker, the direction that the fireworks shoot should rotate with your hand. Let me know if that works!

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Got it! Thanks for responding! I will give it a try.