Particles (Fire) run out of positions after save, close and open

I am trying out the fire project and reset the fire position to 0,-11.5, 16. I have set the position at the inspector panel and in the visual effect graph “Position Sphere”. While everything looks great on preview and on mobile during testing but when you close the project and re-open the file again, the fire dissapear and out of positions. I need to reset all the positions.

The set position node in visual scripting node does not hold the position. I will have to set both the scale and the position at the visual scripting node to lock them down. Merely setting the positions and scale in inspector panel and in visual effect graph alone will result in “running out of position” after I save and close then reopen the file again. Is this the correct workflow or is this a bug?

Sorry @GamePlus40 that you are running into some issues with the transform.
Can you record a quick video showing the bug?

  1. Right now you are opening a project
  2. Setting a transform’s position
  3. Save the project
  4. Reload the project
    Then when you look at the transform, the position won’t have saved properly?

This happens to the fire template. I deleted the template nodes and recreated one new. Somehow it works. I think I know what is the issue and I’m not sure if that is a bug or I am not doing that correctly earlier. I will record a video if I run into that issue again. Thanks for getting back.

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