Reload not working on game effect

Hi everyone, I need some help. I did a game effect that gives users an initial option of 6 objects. (listed as 2d images) then once they click on any of the images it takes them to a series of 10 different scenes. Each scene giving an option of right or wrong answer.

If you give all the right answers it works perfect. If you give a wrong answer it also works.
However if you do not refresh cookies and cache between running it (and even refreshing my output on both computer preview and tik tok preview) if I run it a second time it seems to “remember” my previous answers and then the right answers is processed as wrong ones

Is there a way to reset everything in visual scripting. (note that all my variables are reset and all the screens visibilities are reset -using a clearing subroutine I created to clear variables and reset screens) but its not working on a second or more try.

Please help me I think something is missing from my loop. If this was normal coding I could be able to call a reset but I dont know how to do this with scripting