Reset/Restart Node In Visual Scripting Panel

It would be really nice if we had something like a restart node that would reset all of the effect & variable settings to the original settings that they were at when the effect had originally started. Something like this would be so helpful when building games, as it can take a lot of time to work on and remember to re-initialize & reset everything, especially if it’s extremely complex. If we could do something just like screen tap → restart effect and then have the restart connected to everywhere that the start is connect to, it could take away a lot of extra time! :smiley_cat:

I would love to have this!


Yes we 100000% need this! A way to completely reload an effect.

In the same way it would when the user:
a - deselects and re-selects in the effect tray
b- Taps the tick to go through to the review/post screen > then select back (top left)

Ideally I see this as a visual scripting node that you could connect to a ‘video record>on stop’

The best use-case example is when you have a lot of ‘transit by time’ or timer nodes creating a complex animation sequence. The user might start recording, make a mistake, stop, discard the recording and start to re-record. The logic to handle this can be complex impossible.

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@haleycatpawz @This_is_Tommy @Tariq As you may have seen, this feature is now available in the Visual Scritping panel. Thanks for the feedback :archi_happy:

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