Set seed not working?

Is it a bug, or is it Brett? That’s always the first question.
I set up a particle system, duplicated it, changed the particle, and added a ‘set seed’ node.
changing the value doesn’t seem to change the particle randomization.

Hi Brett,

For changing Velocity and Angle, you want to create them in either “Init” or “Update” block.
Could you try recreating them and see if that helps?


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Good Question and thanks for the image to work from.
The order of nodes makes a large impact on the vfx graph as well as the context node where a property is set.
The output context node runs once per frame but doesn’t update the properties of the node. Things like set color will work in the output context because it is related to rendering but some properties won’t seem like they are having much of an effect.
Try moving your Set Seed node to be one of the first nodes of the init context. You should have more luck then.
Here is a quick video showing how the set seed placement can impact the particles:


Got it. Thanks for the context on how the block nodes update. It will take just a little learning for me (no coding background) but once I can visualize what is happening and when it all falls into place for me. My Set Seed node is now doing what I was trying for before.
Thanks again @Domin and @EffectHouse_FrankH