Sprite sheet questions

Instead of approaching this like a student, I jumped in and just started adding stuff, and playing around.
I loaded a 7-frame texture sequence into a ‘set main texture’ node and it seems to mostly work for the particle. However, the default blend mode looks like an overlay or something. (looking for 100% alpha/normal blend mode)

Then I decided to run through all the tutorials starting with flipbook.
Is it only a 36 frame (6x6) frame sprite sheet? Is there a way to load more or less frames?

I’ll finish the tutorials… I’m just really excited.

Hi Brett,
The Set Flipbook Size node in the output context can be used to cut your sprite sheet into individual frames. We used it in the Flipbook Learning Resource with size x:6 y:6 to get the 36 frames. You could adjust the main texture and the sizes to cut out even more frames.

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Hi Brett,
A blend mode for the particles can be set here:

Hope that answers your question.


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//goes to try…//

…it WORKED! Switched to Alpha to keep that transparent background.
Thank you @Domin

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New Flipbook question (I’ll keep it in this thread because it is sort of on topic still):

Is there a way to randomize the start frame of a sprite sheet for each particle?
Still playing in a loop, but instead of all of them starting on frame 0, one might start on frame 20, one on frame 14, etc…

A good time to randomize is in the Init context. Since the Init is only run once, the particle can continue updating from that point forward.
Using a random Operator node attached to a Set Texture Index is the easiest way to start the particles on a random frame. Here is a quick screen shot. Hope it helps.

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