Using Custom Render Texture as a Sprite Sheet in Flipbook Nodes

I’ve used the Flipbook nodes in Material Editor before, and it is able to use custom render texture as the texture input. But when I try it on VFX Editor, it doesn’t work.

Material Editor :

Visual Effect Graph :

This is.a fun way to get materials into the VFX graph.

Unfortunately, I am seeing this same issue on my TTEH. I believe there is a bug in the way we handle Render Textures. We will take a deeper look Monday and see if there is a quick fix.

For the moment you may need to use a sprite sheet in vfx directly instead of through a render texture.

Ah I see, Thank You Frank!
Waiting for the updates! :star_struck:

Sorry… my mistakes, It still doesn’t work in current version :slightly_smiling_face:

We have a fix in progress for this issue. It won’t be available for several weeks unfortunately. :sweat_smile: I will keep you updated with any changes.

Hehe, I was too excited when EH updated last time. :smile:
Thank You @EffectHouse_FrankH :star_struck: