"Final Render Output" Sample Texture 2d glitch on material editor the material get's a glitch

When the “Final Render Output” is attached to texture2d in Sample Texture 2d on material editor the material gets a glitch. On the EH previews looks great but when I try on my phone this glitch happens.
If I just use the Camera Texture is working well. To solve this problem I created a render texture and attached this to a 2D Screen Image that displays the same Final Render Output, and ghess what? Is working! But is a way simple if you guys just fix this problem :smile:

I tried to feedback inside EH but I coudn’t submit.

My phone: iPhone8 Plus

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Hi @Cloves_Filho !

Thank you so much for reporting this.
I have successfully alerted the development team.
Your feedback is really appreciated.

Again, thank you!

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