Flipbook Blend Main Texture Bug

The Flipbook Blend node doesn’t update the texture in the preview window, even when using the sample sprite sheet. I can only update the preview with the texture by restarting the program. Also, the texture doesn’t update when restarting the camera or switching between the Preview video file and Webcam modes - that’s what I usually do if something goes wrong in the preview.

Hi falkstudio,
Are you looking at the flipbook learning resource or your own project?
Would you mind sending a video of the bug?

The flipbook will blend when a float value is assigned to the texture index. This can happen using your own Set Texture Index node or by using the Flipbook Player Node.

Here is a video demonstration of the bug:

Google Drive link

My preview doesn’t update when I make any changes in the Visual Effects Graph. I’m using Mac M1, Version 11.7.5 Big Sur. In the video I also showed how the preview did not update when I changed the Spawn Rate. The preview still works/updates for regular scene objects.

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Thanks for providing the video.
Unfortunately right now the Visual Effect Graph only compiles when you load the scene or hit the compile button.

We hope to bring automatic compilation to the Visual Effect Graph in the future.

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OHHHH my bad I see it says that at the end of the overview :+1: Thanks!!