How to trigger a particle system to start creating particles from a face gesture

Hi! Is this where we post questions? Sorry if it isn’t haha, question is the same as the title - if I want particles to start emitting from a system when a face gesture is detected, how would I go about doing that?


Hey @alexis! Check out Create a Fire Effect in the documentation I just shared out.


hey @Mingus is there any documentation on creating a one-shot burst on tap ? that doesn’t keep looping? i have tried putting the delay time to 99999 but then the effect don’t run

@4DEE One shot bursts are definitely spawn behaviors we are looking at adding in the future. Are there any other spawn behaviors you would like to see?

The delay on the periodic burst mode happens before the first spawn, so that is why you didn’t see any particles spawn. We should make that more clear. :thinking:

For right now though, you can use capacity, high spawn rates and timers to make your own one shot.
In the attached images I expose the spawn rate and control it in the visual scripting graph. I use the capacity in the VFX Graph as the size of my one shot burst. When I tap the screen I set the spawn rate to a value much higher than my capacity. After 0.5 second I set the spawn rate back down to 0.

@EffectHouse_FrankH thank you

if it helps in any way i was stuck on how to change the values in the visual scripting page that you make on the visual effect graph but the above image explains it

one more thing is it possible to save visual effects like to desktop to use in another project or do you have to make them in each project ?

thanks for your fast reply

@4DEE We don’t have an official way of transferring graph information between projects. Is this something you will need for your effects?

Hi @4DEE! I deleted your request from the main channel to not confuse users not participating in this beta. I’ve created VFX Requests and you can repost your request there. Thanks!

@EffectHouse_FrankH i think it would help that way you could build a library of pre-made visual effects that you can just drag and drop in and also share with other creators if they need help etc i think it would be a cool addition

yeah no problem it was a mistake any way i didn’t realise sorry :see_no_evil:

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I made an original “one-shot burst”. :+1:

Create 3 particles.

Burst No.1 and turn it off after 0.5seconds.

Then switch No.2 to No.1.

When Fire comes again, Burst No.2.

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Great example @hirostudiocom! :fireworks:
Are you using 3D physics for your collision detection?

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Thank you! I look forward to the implementation of “One shot bursts”.

This is a simple demo, so it is simply judged by Position and bounces back.

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