How to run VFX only Once?

For example)
Effects of fireworks appearing where you tap.

I tried this method.
Tapping sets the spawn rate to 1, and stopping the tap sets the spawn rate to 0.

Now, one firework will appear when you tap once.
However, with this method, only one firework comes out when I tap the screen quickly.

Is there any way to FIRE only once and then quickly and repeatedly? :pray:

Hi @hirostudiocom! @EffectHouse_FrankH mentioned one shot bursts here: How to trigger a particle system to start creating particles from a face gesture - #4

Does this help?


@Mingus, @EffectHouse_FrankH

One shot bursts are definitely spawn behaviors we are looking at adding in the future. Are there any other spawn behaviors you would like to see?

Wow, thank you! I’m looking forward to “One shot bursts”. :sparkler:

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@hirostudiocom Please add it to VFX Requests :pray:

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