One of my filters has been removed

A few days ago, one of my filters was deleted, and the message that appears is:

Your effect “BlindRank Normal Pokemon” was taken down due to a technical issue on TikTok. It will be restored once the issue is fixed. Please do not resubmit your effect until then.

Is this a mistake of mine that I have to solve? Or is it something from Tiktok? Do I have to do something or just wait?

Thank you very much to whoever can help me!

No I think it’s tiktok problems, I’ve had 6 blocked for over two weeks

And then they restore it without problem?

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I hope so, mine are still blocked at the moment. At the moment I don’t care much I’m not doing filters for tiktok anymore.

@SERGIO_POKEMON_PHOTO @BorderlineZ Please use this form is you’ve had effects taken down.