Inquiry Regarding Deletion of My Filter

Hello TikTok Team,

I am Dhawi Aymen, an active TikTok user . My filter “live match vs Khaby” was deleted just before the announcement of the “Hello 2024” winners. This is the second occurrence, and it has adversely affected my participation.

I would like to understand the reason behind the deletion and seek assurances for the future. Additionally, I have observed a potential imitation of my idea by one of the competition winners.
This has led me to doubt the transparency of the competition, especially considering that the first winner seems to remain consistent across multiple instances.

Thank you for your prompt assistance.

Best regards,

Hi @CarToon_Tn! If you think your effect was wrongly taken down, you can use this form and be sure to include the Effect ID.


Thank you for your prompt response. While I did utilize the provided link, the concern persists. The repeated removal of my effects without apparent cause is troubling. In previous instances, the effects were eventually restored, but this time, it significantly affects my opportunity to win a prize in the competition. It seems like an unjustifiable elimination.

Best regards