New effect get barely used

Lately when i publish a new effect its barely use by people,
in the past few months when i did publish a new effect or filter i seen over 1 0r 2k video posted with my effects, But now in the last 2 week my effect get maybe 3 people posted with my effect or not at all… What going on with the TikTok Algorithms ???


Check the new tab, is there any community filters? Just curious, some devs are running into all of them being created by tiktok, while others are starting to see some community ones.


thanks but where is that new tab, where i find it?

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in the tiktok app if you go to create a video you should see a button called “effects”, click it. Once the menu opens it will be on the “trending” tab. Find the new tab and click it.

Those should be all new effect uploads.

If my directions were terrible let me know. I’ll grab some screenshots


got it but not listed in there even if i got the notice that it is active in tiktok,
I even made 2 videos with the effect i called “fish tank”

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This is the same issue I’m having. I deleted the ones I posted for now, but kept the videos as like an incoming thing.


i followed you on tiktok and i send u my face strech effect thanks again

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I saw that, thank you!
It seems like the issue is slowly being fixed. There’s certain times of the day where the new tab is flooded with tiktok created filters, but other times of the day where it’s all creator filters.

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I was about to post another filter to see how it does, but I took a look at the new tab and it’s currently all filters not made by the community. During prime time :[

Let’s try this:

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