My effect used by 1 Millions People

@Mingus3 respected Sir, i am very serious about my effect that’s named (Flash Photo 01) effect ID (axnCfovguf4mMzSidT4RiH) picture attached. sir this effect used by Millions people in tiktok (screen shot attached below). when i see effect creativity rewards program dashboard showing only just 32,202 videos posts. what is this ? can you explain? can you fixed that? i report many time on effect house report farm and TikTok Effect House but not get positive response. 10 day left to reward collection on this effect.

Hi @AsifmehmoodBajwa01! Data from your Effect Creator Rewards dashboard may differ from the numbers you see in Effect House Analytics and the TikTok app. This is because Effect Creator Rewards excludes deleted, duplicated, banned, and some private videos, as well as videos that can’t be counted toward Effect Creator Rewards.

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@Mingus from the data provided by @AsifmehmoodBajwa01 there may be a difference of 954924 post? (987126-32202=954924). I think there may be a bug, it could be on tiktok count or EH analysis count. The difference in my opinion is too much. :face_with_monocle:

Maybe it would be useful for EH to provide a count on deleted videos, invalid videos, ban etc. this way the creator would have less doubts and more transparency.

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@AsifmehmoodBajwa01 @BorderlineZ There is not a bug. Videos from ineligible regions also do not count towards ECR data.


ok ok everything is clearer now, thanks


did it update yet ? can you provide newer screenshot?

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@For_Good_Filters no it did not updated still freeze and new 1.1 Millions videos posts.