Effect creativity rewards program dashboard issue

i create an effect on effecthouse and when I check my app to see number of posts with this effect showing me 300k + video’s posts and when I check my creativity rewards dashboard it is showing me 12k video’s posts wtf is this. don’t use this effect house and not waste your time there this is a useless company


In the dashboard, only valid posts are calculated, but in your case the difference is too much, there is something wrong.


yeh but no one can here that was so sad for effect creators


It seems there might be an issue with the Effect Creativity Rewards Program dashboard. Have you reached out to support for assistance?

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It seems like there’s a significant discrepancy between the number of posts with your effect on EffectHouse and the number displayed in your creativity rewards dashboard. This can be frustrating, and I understand your concern. It’s essential to reach out to EffectHouse’s support or customer service to inquire about this issue and seek a resolution. Sharing your experience and concerns with them can help clarify the situation and potentially address the discrepancy.

no one listing to me

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