Effect Statistics Not Updating

I just got a notification that one of my effects now has over 100k posts, but the statistics on the Effect House Website do not reflect that. This affects my ability to get my platinum badge. In the app, 2 of my effects have over 100,000 posts, and one other should hit 100k soon. I can provide pictures, if needed.

Additionally, my gold badge was supposed to be on my profile for 6 months, but it is gone now and I haven’t been able to get it back.

I would like to speak to a person, as other emails I have submitted for other issues were difficult to understand.

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Hello, the number of posts that matters is the one you see on Effect House analytics. Tiktok counts everything, in contrast EH only counts eligible posts. Example: if in one day a follower posts 3 effects with the same filter Effect house counts 1, tiktok counts 3.

Don’t worry, it takes longer but you’ll reach platinum anyway. :slight_smile:

EFFECT HOUSE is on top of things.It may not look like it but they always catch up .

They need to change that. If someone posts it three times, it should count three times. It feels like a scam to keep us from getting any kind of compensation. It’s frustrating and makes me less interested in creating new things for the app. Some of these stats are off by 30,000 or more. Feels wildly dishonest. Like they’re gaming their own system. Ridiculous.


Hello @HereToLearn5
This is another matter, in the past I had already highlighted this problem but I was not taken into consideration by anyone or almost anyone. I’ll give you an example of just one filter I created, between EH and tiktok there is a difference of over 100K.

Post on tiktok

post on EH

I have over 300 filters, I’ve never calculated how many fewer posts I have on EH than on tiktok.

I know very well that this is frustrating, I have reached platinum but it has due to the monetization parameters I have never earned anything. As I said in a post on this forum, I continue only for passion. :sweat_smile:

You also have to take into account that the filters are no longer pushed as much as they were at the beginning, so getting to 200K posts is very difficult. You don’t just have to be good, you have to have stratospheric luck.


same for me, I put out one effect per day almost and
my stats as not updated for weeks now

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Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth continuing, I’ve done a lot of work to create about 320 filters, but there is no satisfaction

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