Effects not getting reviewed

My effect are not getting reviewed. I’ve seen people have been having problems with effects being rejected. Mine however, are not getting processed. Some of the effects are around4.5mb so I understand they take longer, but I’ve done test simple putting the built in lut on a filter and submitting this hasn’t worked either. Does anyone know why this is happening? I’ve contacted EH support they(AI?) sent me a message telling me the process of publishing a effect, so they are no help!

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Hello, I have the same problem, I think the staff at Heffect House at the moment have a heavy workload.

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There is always a delay in reviewing effects due to a higher-than-usual number of submitted effects. Try resubmitting the effects again to the effective date and that should boost your effects to be published.

Same i sent one on Aug 12 and one today the one today was review and now is available on Tiktok.

the effect that not been reviewed is:

its a Art Slider effect:

Effect name: vaporwave me

Effect ID
1JMvEKyW9QmykuFg5qJXMv please help @EHArchi @Greg