Effects Stuck in review

My most recent effects is not being released from review.

Effect ID

Effect name: falling leaves
please help @Mingus3 @Greg

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Normally this get release on the same day now i have one i deleted and re-submitted
and its still under review when i did the performance test before i send it

christmas light frame
Effect ID


I have a new effect stuck in review, I have one that you release and the other that i publish the same day still in review.

Effect ID: 8t99qGGkn8Znj4SoGFBxAZ
Effect Name: flaming heart

same today newer effect is released before my older one

effect id: jK492FCP4YKojtLAZ92sEr
Effect name: love you GS
it a green screen for them to import pictures

I posted that effect yesterday at same time as a flag effect seen on the office hour youtube stream and the flag effect was released yesterday but not this one, It’s still in review.

Effect id: fYo9U5cVSWFRLBWHrzaafo
Effect name: electric heart

Preview effect

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@Mingus please help

In the past we have been told that they try to get to approvals within 3 days.
They are typically very fast and I think it spoils us a little so when it takes longer than a day we think something might be wrong.

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This one is stuck for a few days I need it out today it for the NFL SuperBowl

Effect name: 49ers mask
Effect Id: ghpEK4zGNmfekbH6HgvLbe

Please @Mingus

new effect in review last 3 days
Effect name: SquareGate
Effect id: omKymmQQWEN6FQDr3uMLZN

Please help @Greg @Mingus

Effect Name: Westurn saloon
Effect ID

Please help me @Mingus @Greg

Hi @frankcussonfx! The forum is not the appropriate channel to report approval delays. Please use our online support form: TikTok Effect House :pray:

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