Effect House not encouraging us to create effects!?

I have to say it, I started giving up in creating new effects since not a single one of my effects can reach content creators, even if I tried my best to share and ask people to search for my effects I got a lot of answers that they can’t find them!
Effect House team know that creating an effect take a lot of hours and efforts and it’s not finished here you have to do the marketing for it but when you found that your effects are not searchable nor classified under any category so it’s just disappointing.
How people will find out about those effects??
I filled so many tickets asking for assistance but nothing till this moment!

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I am experieng this, using the effects in the LIVE, also if I’ve added my effects in “favourite’s” I am unable to load my pubblished effects but only effects preloaded from Tik Tok… Why?


100% true! this is another issue I forget to mention it! ty

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this is probably, the reason of your missed effects… I hope you will find a solution!

It’s the only effect in relation with Palestine and it’s just the flag so no big deal! but the others are just some games and nothing else.

I think you need to contact TikTok assistance and clarify this with them. If they already flagged you, now you can try to explain this via support message…

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I did several times the issues with my effects were before creating that palestinian effect which is the last one ! tbh am giving up since I think it’s useless to spend a ton of hours and efforts to get this result!

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Yes, you are right, most if you already contacted them and before to publish this kind of entertainment. I hope you will find a solution very soon!

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My account not unfreeze