Effect House 4.0

Effect House 4.0.0

We’re excited to share Effect House 4.0.0, with new features to help you create engaging and dynamic interactive effects.

New Features

  • Added a 2D physics system made up of the following:
    3 components: Rigid Body 2D, Box Collider 2D, and Circle Collider 2D
    4 nodes: Apply lmpulse 2D, Collider Event 2D, Force Controller 2D, and Ray Cast 2D


  • Create a subgraph instance, so that changes made to it are applied to all instances of it


  • Import MP4 files and apply them as textures
  • Added a Hair Color component
  • Added 4 styles to AI Art Texture: Fantasia, Retro Game, 3D Cartoon, and Stylized
  • Upgraded all AI Art Texture styles to a more realistic model

For all updates and improvements, check out the release notes. Effect House 4.0.0 will be rolling out to all creators over the next few days.