Effect House 2.4.0

Archi just gave the Asset Library a complete makeover. The new and improved Asset Library in v2.4.0 is geared towards helping designers make effects easily and quickly.

2.4.0 will gradually be rolling out to all users.

New Features

  • Introducing premade effect building blocks called prefabs, available in the Asset Library. Drag and drop a prefab into the Hierarchy panel.

  • Add a Custom effect to the Post Process component in the Inspector panel. The Custom effect enables you to apply a material to customize your own post process effect.


  • The Asset Library supports more asset types: includes 2D and 3D assets, materials, and screen effects.

  • Access more Mesh assets in the Asset menu for easier access to commonly used reference and occluder meshes.

To see the full list of new features, updates, and bug fixes, check out the release notes.