Upload to Branded Account [no login info needed]

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Hello Creators, Developers, and Effect House team.

We know sometimes when working on branded effects we find difficulties when delivering the effect for many reasons. For example, the creator doesn’t want to share the project file, the partner doesn’t want to upload the effect, and we want this to be done through the creator himself.

So I am introducing to you:
Creative Effect Contributor

We have 4 options here let me explain it:

  1. Accept request from
    This option for user’s privacy the account owner have the ability to select who can send a request to be a Creative Effect Contributor to upload Effect to their TikTok account.

  2. Creative Effect Contributor request
    From here you can find how many Effects, or user’s request access to Upload Effects to your TikTok account. from there you can accept or reject the requests.

  3. Request
    From there you can go ahead and search for accounts to request access to be a Creative Effect Contributor for their TikTok account to be able to Upload when they accept the request.

  4. Approved Creative Effect Contributor
    from there you can check the Creative Effect Contributor that accepted your request
    and check the pervious Creative Effect Contributor your worked with before.