Feature request! Private effects or being able to publish an effect and hide it from the profile


I would love to be able to put effects through the submission process without posting them publicly (and having them show up on the profile or promoted). This is a huge use case for collaborative and client work for a number of reasons - using it as a test link that doesn’t expire as fast as the QRs is one example (good for collaborating on effects and brand work!), or making sure that the effect passes performance reviews before a client tries to publish on a deadline!

Publishing to a private profile still shows the effect publicly, so that isn’t a viable fallback option. Also now that we have image tracking it is beneficial to be able to publish effects that are not shown on the profile, because an effect may center around a specific object or mural (that has a QR near it to link to the effect), but would not be usable for someone who comes across it organically on TikTok and not near the target image.

Sorry if this was long-winded but happy to talk about the use cases for this with anyone who’d like to chat!