Ability to upload filters for a brand, by an access code

Hi all,
So a recent client project of mine, the client already gave the password and login info to me but the great security features that are implemented probably thought my computer is strange and unusual from their setup so they asked for sms verification which I not being the account owner would not have…

Perhaps TikTok can allow for an access code for EH to be generated from the client’s end to pass to developers like us to upload filters on their behalf. I’m not sure how everyone else does this but it is so necessary…

I agree there could be a better system - for example granting us access same way TikTok account owners can grant access to use their posts as ads in TikTok’s Business Centre. There’s QR code option too but it expires so quickly that sometimes by the time client checks the email, the code has already expired.


For Meta IG/FB AR lenses, there there is an option in Spark AR Hub for a client to invite by email or add AR Creator, so he/she can upload lens to client’s profile and manage lens. If the client decide to remove AR Creator he can do it.

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Hi @Daniel_Pikl , @YunixFX , and @gabkry

I have suggested something. I called it:
Creative Effect Contributor

If you guys would like to take a look and vote if you like the idea I shared!