TikTok blocks me videos for self-harm and suicide

I created an effect that was published after Effect House’s review of it. A simple mask, see the following photo:
After the effect was triggered, I created a video with this mask. Did Tiktok block the video because it incites suicide and self-harm? I appealed but still no response.

It is a very serious accusation, which has no foundation, the algorithm gets it wrong too often, causing too many problems on the accounts. In this way, tiktokers who will use the filter may have the same unjustified problem.

@Greg @magicalcelery etc. Can you help to solve it? I don’t want to commit suicide or even self-harm, or even get people to do that. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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Effect Demo

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Tiktok denies the appeal, the video I made with the approved filter has been removed. A paradox that makes no sense. For tiktok I induce suicide and self-harm, a crazy thing! All I have to do is remove the approved filter to avoid further problems. I’m seriously angry!

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Hey! I understand the frustration here, it’s always upsetting when your content is removed or rejected.

I am not on our moderation team so I can’t speak to the specific reason this effect was removed. But this meme / graphic is widely known to have led to dangerous trends.

From our content guidelines: “We do not permit content that encourages others to take part in dangerous activities.” Effect Guidelines | Learn | TikTok Effect House


Hello, yes I understand that Momo is a figure that has caused a bit of problems in the past, but in the context of the filter it was not my intention to evoke that negative peculiarity of the meme.
In my opinion, it was better to block the filter from the start. I thought, if it’s good for EH it’ll be good for tiktok. The filter was made public on tiktok, almost all the videos made with it were blocked and the filter was not, I had to delete it myself to avoid problems for those who could still use it .
The moral of the story was to remove the problem at the root (delete the filter). Tiktok left the filter on and banned videos made with it, this thing is even more wrong and dangerous than the filter I created unknowingly.

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I’ll share this feedback with our moderation team!