The reduction of the 90-day period to 30 days. is against what we asked for!

The reduction of the 90-day period to 30 days. This change suggests that you are not listening to the community, as there have been multiple requests in the features requests forums to either remove the 90-day limit or extend it. Instead, you have shortened it!

I believe many long-term users will agree, is that the update to the rewards system, of reducing it from 90 to 30 days is a bad idea for both TikTok and its users. This will lead to spamming and 0 creativity, and I am sure you can monitor that starting today

Can only agree. Wonder why Tiktok dont care about the creators who makes effects. I see channels that get over 1M views in their videos using my effect games and I get nothing. All the time I put one this effects and i get nothing :frowning: And only 30 days. Why should there be a time limit? I sounds like that it sett so it should be impossible or at lest very hard to earn money on effects. Then do i think that creators give up. There are so many bad effects out there today. If you like to have better effects do i think that i have to give good creators good rewards so they stay and make cool effects that takes Tiktok to the sky :muscle:

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