Suggestion to remove the 30 days mark completely

Cutting the period to 30 days is bad for TikTok and its creators. Here’s why.

Spam will always be on social media platforms. The best solution, proven across all platforms, is that you can’t completely get rid of spam. But you can let creativity shine!

What kind of videos stand out on TikTok’s For You page? The creative ones!

If an effect only benefits you for 30 days, you won’t invest the time to make it as creative as possible. As a result, all effects will be of lower quality.

So, what can we do about it?

TikTok should remove the time limit completely, like the Creativity Program for videos.

Creators will only be motivated if they know their work will be appreciated forever, not just for 30 days.

For example
imagine if MrBeast, the #1 YouTuber, was told by YouTube that he would only be paid for the first 30 days of his videos. Would he still make the same high-quality creative content?

I will let you answer this question.

I completely agree, it is impossible to build a career with Effect House under these conditions. Monetizing filters requires them to go viral in a very short period of time. If this does not happen, the work and time invested in their development are wasted.

Additionally, as it is so difficult to reach the minimum goals, we not only need to be developers but also content creators, having to constantly upload videos to promote the filters, which means investing even more time. As a result, it becomes an unpaid full time job with unpaid extra hours. With the 100k - 90 days rule, TikTok is paying $0.001 per unique use of the filter. Why make it so difficult for such low pay?

I understand that TikTok does not want to pay for filters indefinitely, but why don’t they consider implementing other options where developers’ work is truly recognized, they are rewarded for their time and effort, and incentivized to keep creating, working, and striving? Under these conditions, it seems like TikTok doesn’t really want to monetize.


Yes i also like to see no time limit. Or you have to make low quality effects so you can do many. And i would like to see some reward for all the views videos get for using the effects.


I agree so much. I just made a filter a month and a half ago and it went viral and got close to 10mil views and 30k videos, I didnt use effect house for a month because I was on vacation and came back to check effect house about a week ago. I thought I was gonna get some money, but when I checked the bonus tab it said that I aint getting nothing because my filter was posted a month and a half ago. Please tiktok it would help me and every other creator if you guys would even make it 2 months. I m a young person who doesnt got that much money, so the 65usd I wouldve made from the filter would have REALLY helped me.