Suggestion to count private videos even if it lowers the RPM ( like before )

Since March 12, there’s been a big difference in how EH panel and rewards panel measure things. For example, a filter of mine was used
260,000 times on TikTok,
220,000 times on EH panel,
but only 81,000 times on rewards!
This means 70% of the people who used my filters didn’t count as qualified posts !!, Before, there was only about 25% difference, but now it’s 70%! Now, it looks like I have to aim for 300,000 uses for effect to get qualified (harder than before)

In my opinion, if someone spends 1-2 minutes or more using your effect, it means they’re actively engaged with the app. This active engagement should be acknowledged and rewarded, even if the (RPM) is low. Not rewarding it at all seems unfair to creators.

so I suggest for eh to count up the unique uses per day and no excluding private videos , even if it lowers the RPM, but it will help us at least to get to 100k faster

Even I am no longer able to menetize. I don’t know what changed, but I haven’t been able to monetize anything for a long time.


Several times at the beginning I denounced this “anomaly” but no one (except a few creators) ever listened to what I said. Now it has become apparent. Filters at the moment are only used to monetize tik tok :grin:

Honestly, I believe creators should get paid for every time their effects are used ( OPEN ), not just when someone posts with them. Even if it’s just a very tiny amount. as I said, if someone spends 1-2 minutes using an effect on TikTok, This active engagement should be acknowledged and rewarded


Updating says it will be easier now It’s like a joke. Even harder than before. Can team help creator with this? This will make creators no longer dedicate to making effects eventually. This is frustrating.

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Many creators have already quit, myself included. They say it’s simpler, but that’s not true. At first they lowered from 500k to 200k, then from 200k to 100k, but it’s a trap as they lowered only because other nations entered the field drastically reducing the possibility of monetization. By now it’s clear, it’s just a joke. If you want to monetize it, it’s better to go back to YT with videos, the only ones that pay seriously.

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