Set Song Bound To Effect (or Disable Automatic Song Binding)

A couple possible ways to go about the same need for being able to control if/when/duration of a song that is automatically attached to an effect:

Assign a song
I’d like to be able to assign a song / sound on TikTok to be bound to my effect so that any user opening the effect will have that sound attached. Currently, random songs are attached when effects are opened (unless the user opened the effect from an existing video, then the sound from that video is attached).

Disable song recommendations
In the recording UX in TikTok, TikTok auto-attach songs when you select an effect to use, and I’d at least like to disable this since the duration of the song attached dictates the video recording length by default (30s song attached will cut recording short at 30s even if set to 60s mode). I’ve made a couple of effect games where you are likely to play for more than 60s, and have had users get their game cut off at 60s even though they were in 10 minutes recording mode, since a 60s song was automatically attached to the video recording with the effect.

Set song recommendation desired length
In parallel, would be great to be able to say “hey people will play my effect for X seconds” so that either we can choose longer songs to bind it to or have TikTok auto-attach longer songs/sounds that are at least as long as what we set. In my case my game was around 1:30s most of the time.

This is absolutely critical. I’m trying to create a small business out of making effects for other musical artists.

The most important feature is setting up the default sound. Users can change it if they wish, but song related filters should be first presented like the effect creator intended.

It’s literally quite impossible to create song related filters, if the sound is randomized every time.

If this was fixed, the world could see an explosion of great filters that go with song releases, with a blooming economy.