Effect Stops Suddenly and doesn’t listen to 10s/60s/ 10 Min Recording

Hey guys, getting into learning TikTok effects House for my client, working from templates currently, while learning visual scripting.

For the latest effect released, when I press 10s/ 60s/ 10 min on the filter, it doesnt matter, the effect stops like 15 seconds in regardless even though I pressed 10 mins and the effect isn’t done yet.

When viewing without recording and trying it it works fine.

maybe I messed something up when making it, but anyone have any thoughts what could be causing it?

Effect link: FC/ Fifa Ranking on TikTok

New to the forums, if someone wants to take a look at the project file, would be happy to share if allowed.


Never mind, I think it’s because of song length auto picked :joy:

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@joealley Glad you figured it out! :archi_happy: