Preview within Effect House does not represent phone

I’ve just started playing around with 3d, while moving the external force / torque bars it seems like the car I’m trying to move moves faster on the phone than on the preview inside effect house. Am I doing something wrong?

Hey @DaddyProgrammer! If it’s quite a noticeable different, could you please show me some screen recordings and I can look into it? :pray:

Sure let me prepare it

This is from my desktop preview

And this is from my iPhone, keep in mind my tiktok is updated and my effect house is updated to the latest.

When I submit the effect, the iPhone preview seems to be the correct preview.

Note that the car accelerates faster and the drift is way out of control compared to what is seen on the desktop, the car stops at a 90 degree, where as the car spins 720 degrees

@Mingus I cant upload files bigger than 8mb :frowning: