Bug in "preview in TikTok"

Its Tiktok’s app itself, but i noticed since last update screen touch interaction stopped working while it works perfectly inside effect house preview window and once the effect has been approved if you press “preview in tiktok” option and scan QR code effects using touch features are completely unusable in the preview on the phone, for now at least for Samsung phones on Android there is a bug touch interaction immediately is being interpreted as normal Focus function or swipe to change filter

저도 그래요 이미지 터치기능이 qr코드 미리보기기능에서
작동을 안합니다


yes, I have the same issue and there are a few users on discord with the same thing. but not heard of a fix or if they are looking into it. hoping the new update will solve it.

The strange thing is, it seems to work if you use another device, not one with the same account as effect house.


Cheers! , have you experienced really long reviewal time recently (i have 3 filters in a queue and 2 are long past due date to be reviewed) previously i had 1-2 days to publish . Not sure where i should ask questions about this


I have one still under review from the 19th! Apparently they are behind this week so Vanessa (EH community manager) said on discord.


Please I don’t know how to start creating the effect


i came to this forum to report the same bug

hope they work on this as soon as possibly

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