I can't preview my effects on Android dispositives

When I want to check the function of any effect (past or new) in the TikTok App, with an Android phone, they don’t work, the asset appears, but they are disabled, only them who needs interaction with the screen (image screen tap or similars).

With IOS phones this doesn´t happen, they work normally

And searching in patch info for every version, they don’t mention (or fix) this problem

Hi @1Rocket_Labs! There is a currently an issue with the TikTok app that prevents tap from working on Android in the preview. This shouldn’t impact published effects. This issue will be resolved in TikTok version 33.3.0. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Thank you for the answer @Mingus :blush:

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@Mingus did you know when that update come available?

I should begin releasing tomorrow (01/30)