'Preview in TikTok' not showing effect

Using version

I’m having an issue with the ‘preview in Tiktok’ feature. I scan the QR code on the app, logged into the same account, but when the effect loads, none of the effects show up.

I’ve tried with several of the base templates and I’m having the same issue with any effect I try to preview on the app. I’ve tried re-installing effect house and I’ve cleared the cache on the tiktok app.

I’ve checked and other peoples published effects are working fine in the app.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I had a similar problem some time ago. The problem was the cam. If you use windows, try using your phone as the default windows webcam using the droidcam software (turn your phone into a webcam)

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Thanks for the reply. It’s not an issue with the preview in effect house, it’s only when trying to send the preview to the tiktok app.


I’ve had the same thing couple days ago and had to delete that one and redo it