My New Effect Powerful Siren Eyes is now active BUT

I got a notification that my new Effect Powerful Siren Eyes is now active but I can not find it…
It says active but it’s not in the search or in my effect profile yet?

Hi @Luxrauhl! For this issue, can you please reach out to our Support team using this form: TikTok Effect House. Please include the Effect ID for your effect :pray:


I have the same problem, just sent the problem on the form. Hope its nothing major :frowning:


I just got answer for this so I share it everybody to know:
They said I should report it in tiktok, not on effecthouse form. It’s a TikTok app related problem.
So there you have it.

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In this case, you will have to wait around three years for an adequate response.

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@byydddd2 If it’s related to your effect, it should be an issue we can resolve. What’s the Effect ID?

Thank you! I was wondering what is happening :sweat_smile:
All of my 4 effects affected:

Thank you very much for always helping us Mingus!

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